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3 Dead After Woman Allegedly Leads High-Speed Chase In Stolen Police Car

On Thursday, a Florida woman stole a police car and took off on a high-speed chase that ultimately killed her and two other people, FOX35 reported.

Body camera video released by the Marion County Sheriff's Department shows the suspect, Kendra Boone, 33, jumping over the passenger side of a patrol car that appeared to be open and “putting the pedal to the metal” before another deputy gave chase. The newspaper reported that the footage captured the moment the plane took off. fox 35.

The deputy whose car was stolen can be seen on video yelling, “No!” when he saw Boone behind the wheel. (Related article: Three teens in stolen Mercedes allegedly rammed into police car, seriously injuring a police officer)

FOX35 reports that police initially responded to suspicious activity at Forest Plaza in Silver Springs after dispatchers reported that a woman appeared to be trying to steal a car.

FOX35 reported that Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods defended the deputy who left his patrol car running, saying anyone could have been in a similar situation.

“You see how quickly it happened. Even with my 34 years of experience, that could have happened to me,” Sheriff Woods said.

According to FOX35, witnesses said people were called out of the store to see what was happening at the chaotic scene.

“It was insane,” said Caitlin Lentz, one of the witnesses. “I've never seen anything like that… People are crazy, dude. That was my first thought. People are crazy.”

FOX35 reports that Boone is facing multiple charges across Florida after driving a stolen police car at speeds of more than 100 miles per hour before crashing into a pickup truck, killing three passengers inside. Two of the people and himself died.

When FOX35 asked Sheriff Woods if he was at fault, Sheriff Woods responded, “That's awful.” “That's not a factor. This idiot stole a police car and killed two people. It doesn't matter what my policy is or what my procedures are. We I did nothing wrong. My deputy did nothing wrong.”

Sheriff Woods said his first reaction when he heard the police car was reported stolen was “panic because I knew what was in the car.” There is a long rifle there. “The moment she did that, she became a threat to human life,” the newspaper reported.

A third person in the pickup truck that Boone crashed remains hospitalized, FOX35 reports.

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