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7 Things: Britt and Palmer believe Biden must prove competency; gambling PR ramps up; and more …

7. Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church shooting in Houston was committed by a transgender person who was born as Genes but called himself Jeffrey. The words “Free Palestine” were written on the barrel of her rifle. This too will be an act of left-wing terrorism that will be ignored.

6. A Decatur police officer charged with the murder of Steve Perkins after he allegedly threatened a tow truck driver who tried to tow his car has pleaded not guilty and had his arraignment rescinded. Mac Bailey Marquette's attorney maintains his client did nothing wrong and was acting in self-defense.

Five. Lawmakers are apparently tired of fighting over library policy and are ready to change the way they make decisions, mostly because the lunatics making the decisions sound like Washington State. . politician More so than Alabama voters. Shelby County lawmakers want to appoint a library commissioner because local elections are not conducted as required by law, but make no mistake. law teeth arrival.

Four. Invoice where you plan to spend $95 a billion Bills on foreign aid to Ukraine, Israel, Gaza (Hamas) and Taiwan have passed the US Senate, even though they are unlikely to pass the US House of Representatives. House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) wants to vote on these issues separately, but believes the bill's chances of passage will increase if Senate leaders repeal border control measures. It also seems strange.

3. Pro-gaming is multi-pronged in a public relations battle to persuade the Alabama Legislature to vote in favor of a comprehensive gaming bill that proposes a protectionist expansion of casino gambling, creates a lottery, and allows sports betting. It is being expanded. Hooks being used include giving lawmakers flexibility to allocate new funds each year. Expanding We covered Medicaid while pretending otherwise, legalized some illegal casinos, then shut down illegal casinos, and allowed people to vote. These are all good selling points in and of themselves, but the myriad issues on the table muddy the waters to the point that the bill's chances of passing are slim.

2. Rep. Gary Palmer (R-Hoover) is calling on the Justice Department to release records of President Joe Biden's apparently mentally ill conversations with the special counsel investigating classified documents. , which appears to represent most of the United States. Mr. Palmer precisely explained: “The White House's most logical step is to release the full recording of President Biden's deposition so the American people can hear it for themselves.” If the backlash is valid, why are they blocking the recordings and the release of the recordings?”

1. Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery), the latest in a long line of Republican politicians and good people, pinpointed, “What if the president said this?” [Joe] Biden is not mentally healthy enough to stand in a courtroom, but he is also not mentally fit to stand in a situation room. ” In fact, 86% of Americans and 91% of independents think Biden is too old to be president, but another poll found that 76% of Americans think Biden could become president. It is shown that he thinks so. Mentally This is terrible news for Joe Biden's re-election campaign and those running the presidency.

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