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7 Things: Fertility clinics remain closed in Alabama; Democrats come to Selma to lie about America; and more …

7. Congratulations to former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley. with notch Former President Donald Trump wins first Republican primary in Democratic stronghold Washington, D.C., despite warnings from his team lobbyist They better vote for him. Of course, this makes absolutely no sense, but here's the real news this weekend: haley I am disappointed that I can no longer honor my contract to support former President Donald Trump.

6. Ahead of his State of the Union rebuttal, former President Donald Trump praised Alabama Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery), calling her a “very fine young senator” and promoting in vitro fertilization (IVF). He declared his support for protection. President Trump's further endorsement of Britt shows her value as a surrogate mother and as the Trump campaign's running mate.

Five. Alabama Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth has not been shy about criticizing the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT), continuing to say it's too early for new leadership and some common sense is needed. Mr. Ainsworth's concerns about ALDOT's management and spending practices, priorities, and actions of agency heads reflect broader dissatisfaction with the agency's performance and calls for efficiency and accountability within ALDOT. ing.

Four. Democrats really haven't learned anything as they watch immigration skyrocket as millions of illegal aliens flood into this country from around the world, consuming resources and committing crimes against our people. Concerns cause poll to plummet Because of that. Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security who oversaw the disaster, said: blame Democrats favor sanctuary city policies for the crimes of Laken Riley's murder suspect. They argue that the policy hampers law enforcement cooperation between local laws and federal agencies when the issue is open borders.

3. The right to vote is said to be under attack, even though those who advocate this cannot point to a single instance of voter suppression. Still, Attorney General Merrick Garland maintained that the repression was ubiquitous throughout the period. remarks At the 57th anniversary commemoration of Bloody Sunday in Alabama. Garland said threats to voting rights continue, especially in light of recent legal changes across several states, and despite repeated upholding of ballot security measures, compliance with the Voting Rights Act continues. He reaffirmed the Ministry of Justice's commitment to constitutional.

2. Vice President Kamala Harris has joined the Democratic Party's annual Selma pilgrimage to demand that Americans accept all modern policies of the Democratic Party to avoid being called racist. Inside hercomment” she said this weekend, using this opportunity to call for a fight for equality and justice, although the fight for equality and justice is not over yet. ceasefire Hamas will not agree, lie They talk about the right to vote being under attack, pretending that “book bans” are everywhere, and even that the freedom to “learn”, the freedom to “control one's body”, and the “freedom to be” is being attacked. He claimed that

1. There is no clear indication of when Alabama's fertility clinics will reopen due to continued opposition from lawmakers. work Because of the carve-out for their activities, media and their Democratic Party wish. Even though the bill has not been finalized, House Minority Leader Scott Stadthagen (R-Hartselle) and other Republicans have made it clear they support allowing fertility clinics in Alabama to resume treatment. However, some groups are currently asking the Alabama Supreme Court to reinstate treatment. review Despite recent rulings regarding embryos, this seems unlikely.

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