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7 Things: Hundreds of shots fired in Montgomery; Trump VP pick ready; Biden continues to lie; and more …

7. $65 million skybridge project Huntsville's flood mitigation project is poised to break ground ($47.3 million in federal funding), and while much of the money will go to flood mitigation, the skybridge is the selling point and the main talking point. Now, the city is trying to highlight its goal of revitalizing the downtown area with major infrastructure and aesthetic improvements, including an expanded greenway system, public art installations, flood protection, and recreational space development.
6. U.S. Senator Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) received a perfect 100% rating from NumbersUSA, the nation's largest grassroots immigration reduction organization. The rating reflects her consistent stance on immigration policy that prioritizes law enforcement and reducing overall immigration, and is consistent with the goals and metrics set by NumbersUSA.

Five. In a series of increasingly frightening events, Jews were being attacked by organized groups throughout the country, including: Attacked Outside of them Synagoguein Suburban (as members of Congress suggested the Jews were isolating themselves), and start For Grade 5. Protests outside a synagogue in West Los Angeles turned violent and police were involved, raising concerns about increased hostility and violence at public gatherings, especially those targeting Jewish people.

Four. Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, along with a coalition of attorneys general from 18 states, opposes President Biden's decision to halt the illegal removal of Palestinians from the U.S., arguing that the decision undermines immigration and national security efforts. They call on President Biden to reverse the policy and prioritize border security and immigration enforcement, but most of Biden's immigration policies weaken the country, not strengthen it.

3. Former President Donald Trump's seven-year-old lie about calling the Nazis and other thugs in Charlottesville “very fine people” has finally been exposed. Exposed Snopes and the Trump campaign are calling for President Joe Biden to suspend his campaign lie (No chance.) That wasn't good enough for Alabama Circuit Judge David Carpenter. Claimed The lies must continue. “Snopes, you're wrong. He said, 'There are very fine people on both sides,' but you ignore that he never called the Nazis 'very fine people.'”

2. Former President Donald Trump Was chosen His running mate for the 2024 presidential election and his running mate are scheduled to appear at Thursday's presidential debate. Considered The candidates – Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York, Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio), Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley – are aiming to expand their base of support.

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