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7 Things: Media continues targeting of Britt; immigration dominates conversation; and more …

7. Debate over a bill that could significantly increase prescription drug prices is expected to intensify when Congress reconvenes this week. Some argue that pharmacists need fees to continue providing their services, while others argue that the free market should prevail. State Rep. Philip Rigsby (R-Huntsville) believes this bill is necessary to support small rural pharmacies and keep them open to serve their local communities.

6. Driver's licenses held by illegal aliens and issued by other states will no longer be valid in Alabama if state Sen. Arthur Orr (R-Decatur) has his way. invoice Passed. The bill would prohibit illegal aliens from using driver's licenses as valid identification within the state. Opponents say the bill would make illegal immigrants in the state unsafe because they would no longer have valid driver's licenses, and that's the problem.

Five. The January 6th committee may have saved some. evidence It should have become clear to the public and other lawmakers that President Donald Trump's administration insisted on the presence of the National Guard during the Capitol riot. The complaint alleges that the committee overlooked evidence that contradicted claims that President Trump was reluctant to deploy the National Guard during the riot, and that political, legal and This further strengthens the case for a multifaceted approach by law enforcement agencies.

Four. Inflation continues thing, IBM Vice Chairman Gary Cohn criticizes that claim and another one of President Biden's threads regarding billionaires, no matter what President Joe Biden is trying to sell the nation. Concerning inflation, Cohn points out that inflation is cumulative and hurts people as they grow. This criticism arises because the bottom 50% of taxpayers pay 2.3% of all taxes, while the top 10% pay 70% of taxes, or far more than their “fair share.” , highlighting the contradictions in Biden's statements about billionaires' tax payments.

3. President Joe Biden seeks to shore up support for anti-Semites base Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu and “From now on'' Jesus” Meeting. Since then, there have been reports indicating that Biden wants to: remove Prime Minister Netanyahu, US soldiers heading in Gaza By building a port to deliver aid supplies, the United States demanding Israel will not continue to target the city of Rafah.

2. Illegal immigration remains the biggest challenge problem As we head into the 2024 presidential election, that doesn't seem to change anytime soon. soon The influx of illegal immigrants at the border continues, and President Joe Biden stumble about that problem every the state of unionBiden called the victim of rape and murder. mistaken named and called her killer “illegal.” In response, former President Donald Trump met with Laken Riley's parents. mother criticized Biden while he was frowned upon. Apologize For MSNBC host's use of the word “illegal”

1. Showing how much Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) is afraid of liberal elites, the media, Democrats, and ” “Night Live” continues to draw ire. It was full of lies. To tell the truth, Story Britt said during her speech that the story happened years ago, but Britt told “Fox News Sunday” that the story was told to her by the victim and that President Biden He said he never intended to suggest he was a victim. person in charge. But after President Joe Biden's unchecked lies began taking office, media fact-checkers began attacking his opponents again.

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