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7 Things: Super Tuesday is here; Alabama Republicans celebrate Trump staying on the ballot while media melts down; and more …

7. Gambling costs are somewhat better exists But it may not be enough to pass the Alabama Legislature. The gambling law revised by the Senate includes a provision for the Poarch Band of Creek Indians and Gov. Kay Ivey to negotiate an agreement, a statewide lottery, and the legalization of some semi-legal gamblers. It is.

6. Former Alabama State Sen. Clay Schofield (R-Guntersville), currently executive vice president of the Business Council of Alabama, wrote an article for Yellowhammer News about the push to unionize the state's auto plants. , warning of the potential economic damage to unions. As “snake oil”. Schofield argues that even a small amount of union influence can have a negative impact on Alabama's economy, and wants to emphasize the importance of maintaining the state's business-friendly environment.

Five. There seems to be some confusion order According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a postcard distributed by the Montgomery County Board of Registration incorrectly told voters in Alabama's 2nd Congressional District that they resided in the 7th District, giving them an excuse. It is said that it will continue. The SPLC blames the Secretary of State's Office, which claims the information was provided by the county, but the SPLC claims the error caused confusion for voters.

Four. Alabama school teacher shot report The principal at Dolly Ridge Elementary School in Vestavia Hills said he was among those who laughed after watching a video of a special education student running away from a teacher. The district says it is investigating the matter, and one official said, “We need to decide what the consequences will be to ensure this never happens again, and we want families to know that this “We need people to understand that this is unacceptable…this person…” he was quoted as saying. “He showed such irresponsibility and unprofessionalism,” and there were no consequences.

3. more than 72 hours, spread This weekend, Customs and Border Protection officials said they encountered more than 21,000 migrants along the U.S. southern border. This ignores those who have evaded detection, and the surge in migrant arrivals has led to a Biden administration that appears indifferent to the chaos and unable to work on finding solutions to the growing number of illegal immigrants flooding the border each day. highlights the continuing challenges faced by

2. a Joyful Former President Donald Trump will remain on the vote media Democrats aren't too thrilled, but Alabama Republicans are.President Joe Biden attacked One Supreme Court Justice, who we were told years ago was unacceptable, singled out Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for saying that he spent a lot of time on his yacht and that he didn't do his judicial duties. suggested that they were engaged in unrelated activities.

1. Super Tuesday is here, with dozens of delegates vying for candidates in nearly decided races.Voting begins at 7 a.m. in Alabama, with numerous chambers in contention. primary election If you're reading this, you know more than most, so you should go vote.

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