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7 Things: Super Tuesday sweeps Alabama; IVF bills meet a bit of resistance; and more …

7. A $500,000 grant from the Federal Communications Commission will be used to deploy technology aimed at detecting and preventing illegal cell phone use by inmates. The Alabama Department of Corrections should combat contraband cell phones in the state's prisons and jails by increasing security and restricting cell phones from entering these facilities.

6. Birmingham mayor welcomes female abuser Chris Brown to Birmingham despite his past controversy, and was arrested multiple times for assaulting women.Mayor Randall Woodfin tweeted “Team Breezy, are you ready?” A few days later Tweet About “Women's History Month” and the “StrongHer” movement.

Five. The Biden administration finally Claim They have helped reduce the number of illegal border crossings, but unfortunately they have brought more than 320,000 immigrants into the country because they link up with other criminals to save them the trouble of breaching the border. He achieved this by flying. This raises the issue that experts say the program poses a serious national security problem, allowing individuals of unknown background to travel freely within the country despite being his supporters. It happens when you are. mock Covering immigration issues on national television.

Four. Pro-life advocates are ask Alabama Governor Kay Ivey vetoes a bill that would give legal immunity to IVF providers to protect the millions of lives born through IVF. This follows a state Supreme Court ruling that recognizes the child as a human child under Alabama's wrongful death law.Tennessee Republican Party blocked The bill would clarify Tennessee's abortion laws to explicitly allow contraceptive and in vitro fertilization treatments.This bill would exempt the use of contraceptives and the destruction of embryos resulting from infertility treatments from Tennessee's abortion laws.

3. Alabama lawmakers are aiming to get clarity Finish line legislation signed by the governor today resolves legal uncertainty surrounding disputes over the management and destruction of frozen embryos during divorce and after a patient's death. IVF services remain suspended in the state, and the clinics involved have remained silent on the issue in recent weeks about whether they would reopen their clinics when the bill is ultimately signed into law. .

2. Super Tuesday was a great Tuesday, but not so super as former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley lost in Vermont and everywhere except Vermont. drop President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump continue to race toward a rematch.A random guy won the US Democratic Party election. region Thousands of Americans chose it even though there was no public vote. not committed Just because he doesn't hate Jews enough against Joe Biden.

1. There were multiple races in Alabama's congressional districts with U.S. Rep. Barry Moore (R-Enterprise). win All other incumbents in Congress also won races against fellow Republican Rep. Jerry Kahl (R-Mobile). Both primaries for the newly drawn and racialized 2nd Congressional District are headed to In the runoff, House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels (D-Huntsville) and former Obama aide Shomali Figures competed, with former Republican state Sen. Dick Brewbaker (R-Montgomery) winning. She will be competing against real estate agent Caroleen Dobson.Additionally, fix 1 is clearly We're screwed.

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