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76ers Tease Bringing Back Iconic Jerseys In Cool, Yet Way Overblown Video Celebrating Tyrese Maxey’s Extension

I didn't need a touching video, but I'm glad the Sixers brought back this memorabilia! (Possibly)

For years, Philadelphia 76ers fans (and myself) have been calling for the team to bring back the Allen Iverson era. Not literally Iverson, but the iconic black jersey he wore during his time with Philadelphia. The franchise has 1990s Until the mid-2000s.

Yes, the alternatives the Sixers gave us were absolutely awful, as most of the recent “City Edition” jerseys have been, but as we're seeing now, they're just not going to be acceptable to the people of Philadelphia. (RELATED: Anthony Edwards claims he's the first choice for Team USA, but no one in their right mind believes it)

And although it took a long time, the 76ers finally caved (it seems) and gave their fans what they wanted.

They seemed to hint at the return of the jersey with a video of the point guard celebrating. Tyrese MaxeyThe contract extension is great, but it's completely overblown.


Since this is a pretty blatant provocation, I'm going to go ahead and assume that those black jerseys will be back, and even though I'm a Miami Heat fan, I'll definitely be getting one.

That being said, I still don't understand why the Sixers felt the need to make fun of them with a congratulatory video, and then make fun of them with a contract extension congratulatory video. Anyone make a super emotional congratulatory video for a contract extension?

Philadelphia is truly a true blue sports city, wow.

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