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A Bunch Of Fat Dudes Throw Blows At Each Other While One Guy’s Pants Keep Falling Down

Can someone please get this guy a belt?

will be held in the huge gem market of diamond district In midtown Manhattan, fat men punched each other and one man’s trousers completely fell off—that was two different scenes.

The men got into a brawl inside the world’s largest jewelry exchange in New York City on Monday, with one man’s pants falling down to his knees at one point in the video. While the other husky gentlemen continued to slide off their trousers, he hilariously picked them up with the swift speed of other fat men.

A woman was apparently beaten during the brawl, leading to a short break before starting the brawl again while the big men moved across the store. At that time, the big man who had lost his pants also lost them.

Oh, and the other Husky dudes were also taking their shirts off, but no one knows exactly why.

I enjoy watching videos of fights, but I can’t help but be extremely judgmental and disrespectful of those who participate in such stupid acts. I get the feeling that when a lot of fat people are involved, that stupidity intensifies.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a Husky guy myself, but it’s not like his pants keep slipping down and looking like a total clown. At least my clothes fit. (Related: A man threw a woman at several women during a catfight on the Luke Combs Show)

What I mean is… if society is already collapsing at this rate, why should we fatten it too?

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