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A True Legend: Joey Chestnut Eats 200 Wings In 38 Minutes After Inhaling 57 Hot Dogs On The Fourth Of July

Joey Chestnut doing Joey Chestnut stuff!

While most Americans were trying to figure out how to get through Monday before returning to work after the Fourth of July weekend, legendary competitive eater Joey Chestnut was at the table again, setting new records as he tried his hand at eating.

Over the holiday weekend, the official Buffalo Wild Wings Twitter account issued a challenge to Chestnut to eat 200 boneless wings, a challenge he accepted.

Chestnut, usually relaxed after winning another belt at Nathan's famous Fourth of July hot dog eating contest, ends up Banned Nathan's pulled out of the event after striking a deal with fake meat producer Impossible Foods, a company Nathan's wanted nothing to do with. (Related article: Man sets Guinness World Records by swallowing a sword and pulling a car with his eye socket)

But B-Dubs made it happen!

“Hey @joeyjaws, if you eat 200 of our all-you-can-eat boneless wings tomorrow, we'll extend the offer until August 14th,” Buffalo Wild Wings posted. Sunday morning tweet.

And Chesnutt, a true legend, did just that!

And this came just a few days after he ate 57 hot dogs in five minutes.

Speaking of Independence Day, I'd like to thank Callaway Golf for selecting me as the winner of their holiday giveaway: 3 dozen limited edition Hot Dog Chrome Tour Balls!

Callaway Golf x Powell Golf…what a beautiful connection.

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