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AARON WHITE: Congress Can Rein In Out-Of-Control Teachers’ Union

It is a little-known fact that many prominent organizations and institutions in the United States, from the U.S. Olympic Committee to the Foreign War Veterans’ Association, are federally chartered, and this is why Congress has labeled them “patriotic or national.” This means that it has passed a bill that expressly recognizes the

The long-standing practice of issuing federal charters was not without controversy.As Congressional Research Service explain, the parliamentary committee responsible for the federal charter argued that “the resource costs and the potential for unsupervised chartered bodies to harm the public and adversely affect parliament outweigh the parliamentary recognition that the charter gives meritorious bodies.” There are times when I judge that there is a greater possibility of engaging in certain activities. “

Such concerns have proven well-founded, at least in the case of the National Education Association (NEA). (Related: Stone A. Washington: Don’t Stop at College — Ending Race-Based Admissions in Public Schools)

The NEA is not only the largest teacher union in the nation, it is the largest of any kind and the only union to have a federal charter.

Unfortunately, the NEA has strayed far from its original purpose and has veered into a partisan political advocacy for overarching and progressive socioeconomic agendas that are at odds with the values ​​of many Americans.

To name just a handful:

  • NEA President Rebecca Pringle wasted little time Weigh On behalf of unions following the 2022 U.S. Supreme Court ruling dobbs vs jacksonturned over Law vs. Wade and sent the abortion issue back to the states.
  • The NEA secretly published a resource guide on gender ideology. “School in Transition” 2015 laid the groundwork for the most extreme positions on gender-segregated restrooms, high school sports, and the use of pronouns that embarrass parents and teachers across the country.
  • At its 2020 Annual Conference, the NEA discussed a resolution that would allow: Palestinian sovereignty before being finally defeated.
  • Unions claim there is scientific agreement on: climate change, unconditionally support radical legislation to address it. and,
  • Even the overtly political considerations with which Congress fights over the issue debt ceiling It appears to be under the jurisdiction of the NEA.

But that could change soon, depending on how Rep. Scott Fitzgerald (R-Wisconsin) introduced a bill last month.was namedS.“Break down faculty unions that undermine today’s educational needs.” (Student Act) This measure overhauls the NEA’s 117-year-old federal charter by adding a series of accountability and transparency provisions. , many of which are already commonly found in other federal charters. (Related: Peter Roffe: Only Parents Can Solve America’s Education Crisis)

In addition to subjecting the NEA to annual congressional scrutiny of its books, the Student Act includes:

  • Require groups to notify teachers of their First Amendment right to decline union membership and dues.
  • Prohibits NEA from allowing public agencies to deduct union dues from teachers’ salaries.
  • Prevent the NEA from participating in political or lobbying activities.
  • Prohibits NEA affiliates from harming students and families in school closure strikes.
  • Imposes a requirement that NEA personnel be US citizens. and,
  • Repeal the NEA’s own DC tax cut.

Constitutionally and legally, teachers have every right to be represented in unions, and the NEA has the full right to become a union if any of its dues-paying, voluntary members so desire. increase. But the organization long ago gave up its pretext of being an apolitical advocate for better education.

Decades of extremist activity at the extreme end of the political spectrum has completely disqualified the NEA from undertaking the mantle of near-universal acceptance conferred by the Federal Charter.

Simply put, the NEA is flying in disguise. The National Charter shall be deemed to ensure that nominees have the implied approval of Congress.

While unions have had little activity or representation in recent years to warrant such status, the reforms proposed by the Student Act have again made the NEA at least acceptable, if not supported by most Americans. It will be of great help in creating a successful organization.

Aaron With is the CEO of the Freedom Foundation.

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