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‘Absolutely, I’m Game’: Ron DeSantis Accepts Debate Offer From Gavin Newsom

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis accepted Wednesday an offer to debate on Fox News’ “Hanity” from Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom.

DeSantis accepted Fox News anchor Sean Hannity’s offer of a debate with Newsom, more than a month after the California Democrats agreed to participate in the debate.

“I heard Gavin made an offer, what’s your answer?” Hannity began.

“All right, I’m a game. Let’s do it, tell me when and where, we’ll do it,” the governor of Florida replied. “Here’s the problem, Sean, what I’m trying to say is, in a way, there’s already a discussion going on between California and Florida. they voted with their feet they fled california in record numbers florida is the number one state in terms of net immigration our economy It is number one in the world, currently number one in education, and has the lowest crime rate in 50 years.”

“But in another sense, this is a debate about the future of our country because there are people like Joe Biden and they want to see America’s californication,” DeSantis continued. . “Biden may not even be a candidate, but Gavin Newsom could be a candidate. Kamala Harris could be. I think it will accelerate the decline.We don’t see America’s decline anymore, we need to reverse America’s decline.”

Newsom Said Hannity intends to engage DeSantis in a political debate in a June interview, possibly moderated by a Fox News host. (Related: ‘We are not a sanctuary’: DeSantis responds to investigation into illegal immigration shipments to California)

“I’m working hard. Stay tuned,” Newsom told Hannity in June.

“Are you going to debate with Ron DeSantis for two hours?” asked Hannity.

“Three, please,” Newsom replied. “If it were me, I’d give it the day before instead of taking notes. I’m looking forward to that.”

At a press conference on June 15, DeSantis called on Newsom to “stop swearing” at the prospect of running against President Joe Biden in the 2024 primary. He recently said he was “perfectly ready” to face Mr. Newsom if they became candidates for their respective parties.

“We are fully prepared to have a Florida-California showdown,” the governor said in a July 14 interview with Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson. “And let the people choose what is a better vision for the United States because I am sure more people will choose freedom in Florida than public defecation in the streets of San Francisco.” because there is.”

Governor of Florida recently visited In San Francisco, he lamented the increasing homelessness and drug crisis across the city. San Francisco has more than 7,700 homeless residents, and he spends $160 million a year on a permanent housing program to house them.

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