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After losing election, Arizona’s Kari Lake loses court fights, too

Kari Lake didn’t take it particularly well when she narrowly lost the Arizona gubernatorial race last fall. After all, more than half a year later, the Republican conspiracy theorist is still losing, but her most recent defeat was in court, not the ballot box.

NBC News report In her effort to overturn Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs’ 2022 win, the night fell again with the defeated candidate falling short.

In a six-page ruling, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson ruled that Lake failed to provide evidence of wrongdoing in the county’s early voting signature verification process. Lake, a former TV anchor and prominent election naysayer, lost last year’s gubernatorial election by a margin of 17,117 votes, claiming fraud and illegal voting had ruined his victory.

Given time and time again to present evidence to substantiate these claims, Republican candidates have repeatedly failed.

At this point, some readers are probably wondering: already lose in court? Have we talked about this before? ’ The answer is yes, but it’s a little more complicated than that.

In a nutshell, far-right election deniers first filed lawsuits in April 2022, seeking to block the use of electronic voting machines in Maricopa and Pima counties.

It wasn’t entirely clear why Lake had problems with the electronic voting equipment, and why local officials shouldn’t be allowed to use the technology, and the lawsuit was dismissed months later.later the judge sanction order The case challenged Lake’s attorneys, concluding that they filed “frivolous” and deceptive complaints.

Following her defeat, the Arizonans filed charges. another A lawsuit ostensibly to present evidence of election fraud. Most cases are thrown out Before the trial began, but after her case was heard, a local judge appointed by the former Republican governor said, “Courts cannot accept speculation or speculation in lieu of clear and convincing evidence. ” concluded.

Lake eventually filed a lawsuit in the Arizona Supreme Court, which directed the trial court to reassess her claim to challenge the signature verification process. The lower court did just that, but again it turned out that the Republicans had no evidence at all.

In fact, during the legal proceedings, Lake’s lawyers called in “star witnesses” and eventually help the other side.

Remember, about a month after losing the election, Republicans from Arizona traveled.Where else? — Mar-a-Lago, where she boasted She claimed to have filed “the most powerful electoral lawsuit the country has ever seen.” The losing Republican nominee added that her case was “chock full of evidence.”

All the judges who heard the case came to the opposite conclusion.

Under traditional political rules, Lake’s electoral and legal failures would effectively end her political career.But under modern Republican rule, Lake clearly intended To Parley Her failure in the US Senate campaign.

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