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After Years Of Opioid Abuse, Jamie Lee Curtis Celebrates 25 Years Of Sobriety

Actress and producer Jamie Lee Curtis celebrated 25 years of sobriety on social media on Saturday.

The 65-year-old Oscar winner spoke about his recent personal accomplishments: InstagramThe piece features a moving black-and-white image of her clutching a silver ring engraved with her initials and the number 25, symbolizing her years of sobriety. “Five years of clean and sober. One day at a time. 9,125 of them,” Curtis wrote.

In his post, Curtis reflected on the peace of mind, purpose, and sense of community he found during his sobriety journey. “As my old friend Adam sang, what I have in my heart is stillness, serenity, a sense of purpose, and the greatest feeling that I am not alone,” the actress added.

“Many others share the same illness and solutions. For anyone struggling with addiction or shame, there are people here who care. My hand in yours. In your hands. Our hands in yours. XO JLC.”

Curtis has not been shy about talking about his struggle with opioid addiction, which reportedly began after a routine surgical procedure. “I had a secret Vicodin addiction for a very long time, over 10 years,” Curtis previously revealed. variety. According to the paper, reading the Esquire article was the first time she decided to change her ways. (Related: First-time director reveals he used real opioid addicts in new movie – Every American should see the trailer)

Curtis found an issue of Esquire magazine and was browsing through it when an article by Tom Chiarella called “Vicodin, My Vicodin'' caught his eye. Variety noted that the article delves into his struggle with painkiller addiction. According to the newspaper, that's when Curtis realized he wasn't alone in his fight. He says the article inspired him to attend his first recovery conference.

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