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Aide to L.A. councilman resigns after making Holocaust jokes

A senior aide to Los Angeles City Councilman Hugo Sotomartinez resigned from his position Friday in the face of criticism. tell holocaust jokes said about comedian Amy Schumer on social media.

Josh Androski, senior advisor to Sotomartinez, said: Exchange with Xformerly known as Twitter, had earlier in the day featured puns about concentration camps and seemingly disparaging remarks about Schumer’s weight.

By the end of the day, Androsky’s message, who has worked as a political consultant to at least three of the council’s 15 members, had been condemned by many civic leaders, including Mayor Karen Bass.

“The anti-Semitic and misogynistic comments made today are reprehensible, disgusting, dangerous and in no way represent the families of our city,” Bass said in a statement issued just before midnight. . “Especially now, City Hall should be a beacon of hope, not hate. I’m glad the person in charge has resigned.”

Sotomartinez said in a separate statement: called The posts from his employees were “disgusting and reprehensible.”

“Given the rise in anti-Semitism in recent years, especially in recent weeks, jokes about the Holocaust are not only offensive, but dangerous,” said Soto-Martinez, the council’s civil rights committee chair. “I immediately accepted his resignation because I was disgusted by these anti-Semitic and misogynistic posts.”

The Androsky incident appears to have begun on Friday morning, when social media accounts true anonthe podcast targeted Schumer for posting political satire ridiculed It is offensive to Palestinians living in Gaza and to protesters seeking to end the bloodshed in Gaza.

The TrueAnon account notes that Schumer frequently posts about the October 7 attack on Israel and is “particularly sensitive to Jewish deaths due to his experience with the Holocaust.”

“The Nazis named a concentration camp after her. It was called Da Cow,” the TrueAnon account wrote, offering a tease. dachauAccording to , more than 40,000 prisoners were killed there. some estimates.

Androsky, a former comedian and Jewish himself, countered, “It’s outrageous that you would say this about Kauschwitz when you know it was actually Kauschwitz.”

Androsky then further criticized Schumer, apparently referring to his large ranch near Highway 5, writing: Either way, they all (and Amy too) smelled the same. ”

Mr. Androsky did not respond to multiple inquiries from the Times. He first deleted his own posts and then his entire account.

Schumer has not commented publicly on the controversy.She explained her Jewish heritage in one of her recent articles Instagram post, referring to a relative who “had the Auschwitz number burned into his forearm.”In another article, she I apologized He was accused of making “hurtful” comments about Gazans and promising to be “more careful.”

The response to Androsky’s post from leaders of Los Angeles’ Jewish community was swift.

Jake Flynn, a spokesman for City Councilman Bob Blumenfield, said his boss was “appalled” by Androsky’s message. Activist Sam Yebri, director of the legal services nonprofit Beth Tzedek, called the posts disgusting and anti-Semitic.

“The fact that city officials thought it was okay to say these words in public with complete disregard for the consequences is shameful,” he said in an interview.

An outspoken progressive, Mr. Androski has been heavily involved in city politics in recent years, working as a consultant for the campaigns of City Councilman Nitya Raman in 2020 and City Councilwoman Eunice Hernandez last year.

Ethics Commission records show Mr. Sotomartinez paid Mr. Androsky’s political consulting firm, Bright Future LA, nearly $108,000 for services performed as part of his City Council work last year. He also worked on Westside attorney Erin Darling’s failed congressional bid.

Mr. Androsky left Bright Future L.A. when he took a job with Mr. Sotomartinez, according to Anne Freiermuth, who is currently listed on state business forms as a manager or member of the company. It is said that

Androsky has long been known for his glib statements on social media. In February 2022, as Russian forces were beginning their invasion of Ukraine, he posted on Twitter: pretty good! “

In 2017, Androsky tweeted the following joke about Bill Cosby: criticized by some people They are indifferent to victims of sexual assault. According to one report, he apologized and announced that he would be “stepping back” from his work with the Los Angeles chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. Archived DSA posts.

Naomi Goldman, a former spokesperson for former City Councilman Mike Bonin, spoke for herself Friday. social media accounts Androski’s carrier argued that he should be placed on the “no-fly list.”

“I would have liked to have seen Josh Androsky fired quickly.” [Soto-Martínez] Instead of taking a strong leadership stance, you let him decide the outcome for himself,” she wrote. “But at least he left City Hall.”

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