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Alabama Is The First State In 2024 To Pass School Choice, Governor Expected To Sign

Alabama on Wednesday will become the first state to pass school choice in 2024 and the 11th state in the nation to have universal education savings accounts (ESAs).

House Bill 129The Creating Hope and Opportunity for Student Education (CHOOSE) Act is now on the desk of Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, who has made passing a universal ESA a “top legislative priority,” according to a press release from It is said that there is February. (Related: 'Rooted in racism': NEA-backed network launches anti-school choice campaign)

It passed in the House by a 69-34 vote and in the Senate by a 23-9 vote, according to a tweet shared by school choice advocate Corey DeAngelis.

“Today, we finally cleared the final hurdle to enact Alabama’s historic education savings account plan with the Alabama Senate’s strong approval of the CHOOSE Act,” Ivey said in a statement. statement Wednesday after the bill was passed.

Additionally, she said that while the state has a strong public education system, she looks forward to every Alabama family “having the right to choose their child's school.”

“I look forward to signing the CHOOSE Act,” she continued.

This comes a year after the Parents' Rights in the Education of Children (PRICE) Act was introduced, according to the Alabama Legislature. Website.But it couldn't pass according to 1819 News.

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