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Alabama’s battle for the boards

What do you get for a Republican supermajority that has everything?

Apparently it gave them control of a commission that was historically apolitical.

With Republicans already in control of the supermajority in Congress and control of the executive and judicial branches, some within the party appear to see board control as the next frontier.

Last week, state Sen. Chris Elliott (R-Jospain) introduced two bills that would give the state control of the board of the Alabama Department of Archives and History and give control of library boards to local governments. It has been submitted.

The important point is that both of these bills were put into service on a political whim, with Gov. Kay Ivey working hard to remove critical board members from the Alabama Public Library Service. , we have already seen the situation go astray.

By the way, neither we nor ADAH Director Steve Murray could find any permissions for this in any code.

I couldn't find any polls that prove most people hate politics. Perhaps that is to be expected. Look at the turnout in certain elections, especially the presidential election, when it's not on the ballot.

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But some, but not all, party members seem intent on extending their political power to the most mundane and hitherto uncontroversial government institutions.

And with Moms for Liberty/Clean Up Alabama's clearly growing influence, it seems very likely that this fight will soon extend to state and local school boards.

I understand why the party wants to do this, but are they really ready to surrender even more territory to political machinations? Will we be nostalgic for the days when we relied on our neighbors? Or will there come a time when Congress can appoint a sane, rational person to oversee the library?

Thankfully, Elliott's bills significantly reduce the requirement to remove board members for just cause, and give board members more control over what political party is in charge of what history programs and library materials are permissible. I was able to prevent him from becoming cold due to the threat of dismissal.

I hope a few level-headed Republicans cross the aisle and help block these bills for now, and this power grab ends here.

But if we want to ensure the safety of bipartisan spaces, citizens must continue to demonstrate that this excess is unacceptable.

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