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Alabama’s original Golden Flake factory site purchased for $6 million

Alabama-based brand Golden Flake has sold its original five-building factory complex in Birmingham, which first began operations in 1958 and includes a 283,310-square-foot warehouse building and an additional 36.7 acres of land.

Chattanooga investment group Second in Building Materials Inc. reportedly paid $6 million for the acquisition. The group said it plans to spend $3 million to $4 million upgrading the space and plans to officially occupy the space in the second quarter of 2025.

Southeastern Salvage Company, in partnership with 2nd in Building Materials Inc., will be the property's new tenant.

“We are excited about the opportunity to rehabilitate and occupy a building that has played such a major role in the history of Birmingham and Alabama,” said Scott LeRoy, vice president of Southeastern Salvage Co. “This is an acquisition that builds on years of strong growth in one of the fastest growing markets in the South.”

“It says a lot about the Birmingham market that there is enough demand and market for us to feel confident in more than doubling our retail space to 135,000 square feet.”

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“For your current real estate agent to partner with you and help you relocate to meet that demand speaks to their belief and understanding of the Birmingham market and its potential,” Leroy continued.

“We are seeing growth across the Golden Flake site and look forward to the redevelopment and growth of the area.”

The move to the Golden Flake facility will allow Southeastern Salvage to double the size of its current store and also open a 66,000-square-foot outdoor garden and patio center.

Southeastern Salvage signed a lease for 135,000 square feet as the home of the redevelopment project. IronVest Partners has been the landlord for the Southeastern Salvage store in Irondale for the past 20 years.

Tammy Cohen and Robert Bruner of CCR Architecture & Interiors are listed as architects on the project.

Robert Crook and Bart Moore of IronVest Partners are handling the lease and sale of the approximately 145,310 square feet of warehouse/retail space and land.

Utz Quality Foods acquired Golden Enterprises, maker of Golden Flake, in 2016 for $141 million.

Austin Shipley is a staff writer for Yellow Hammer News.

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