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Alex Bowman Wins 2024 NASCAR Chicago Street Race To Clinch Playoff Spot

It may be raining again, but Chicago has brought some heat again.

The checkered flag will wave for the 2024 NASCAR Chicago Street Race on July 4th weekend, with Hendrick Motorsports Alex Bowman In a race riddled with crashes and flooding, he survived longer than anyone else and was named the winner. (RELATED: Miami's Cam Ward calls Colorado's Shedul Sanders “bullshit” after apparently bad workout)

The race had to be ended early due to rain delays, but NASCAR rules state it must finish by 8:20pm local time, and due to this time limit the race was unable to be completed. 75 laps Something that was still planned.

At 8:20, Bowman was leading the race, and the white flag was waved to signal the final lap before the checkered flag was waved.

This was arguably the coolest race in NASCAR (rain notwithstanding), and who doesn't love a view of the skyline?

I'd love to see something like this done in Downtown Miami, but traffic would be so bad it wouldn't be possible at this point.

Example A:

As a result, the following happens:

And there is no solution for the rain either. (LOL)

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