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Ambiente in Sedona Opens Forty1 to the Public with New Executive Chef at the Helm

sedona news – Our first year of operation was a huge success and we have emerged as Sedona’s newest fine dining restaurant. forty 1 – Sophisticated signature restaurant in a luxury hotel Ambiente Landscape Hotel It was announced today that the restaurant, which was initially exclusive to hotel guests, is now open to the public, with a new executive chef at the helm and ready to launch its first seasonal menu.

chef dave duncan
chef dave duncan

Situated in the heart of the boutique property's rugged three acres, Forty1 offers an ever-evolving menu of exquisite a la carte cuisine centered around locally sourced ingredients and seasonal natural ingredients sourced from the surrounding Verde Valley and beyond. We offer As the new head of all culinary initiatives across the hotel, including Forty1's talented and dynamic team, Executive Chef David Duncan, himself a Northern Arizona native, has a deep appreciation for the lush local landscape. We embody that spirit with a loving appreciation and a firm commitment to showcasing the wonders of our cuisine. Enjoy that richness through cooking.

With a focus on highlighting Indigenous cooking styles and many of the South West's most revered authentic flavors, the new menu Chef Duncan has developed this season incorporates his love for native wild game. Also includes a nod to. It is especially incorporated into several menus and is perfect for guests looking for hearty dishes that will be loved during the cold winter months.

“When you blend natural and seasonal flavors from natural ingredients sourced from the Verde Valley, one of the richest agricultural regions in the Southwest, the organic harmony that emerges on your plate. There's something truly special…refining that spirit and essence to suit a more evolved and adventurous palate is a delicate dance between tradition and innovation, with each dish satisfying the senses and… We ensure that it also tells the story of the land we call home,” said Chef Duncan. “Forty1 stands as a completely unique addition to Sedona's world-class dining scene, and we are eager to offer an even broader audience a culinary experience as unique as the surrounding red rocks.” Masu.”

Featuring a diverse lineup of nutritious, farm-fresh delicacies, highlights of Chef Duncan's debut menu include: South African black mussels Sautéed shallots and garlic, chorizo, roasted tomatoes, chili white wine, poblano focaccia ($29); beer's pork belly ($27) Pan-fried polenta cake, sweet corn reduction, chicharron dust, and micro green salad. For the main course, enjoy decadent appetizers such as: Copper State Ranch Filet ($68) Served with potato puree, seared beech mushrooms, black garlic puree, and poblano butter. jumbo shrimp ($59) Charred corn polenta, padi bread ratatouille, fried kale, and green olives. Grimaud Farm Duck Breast ($61) Bacon bread pudding, butternut squash and pear puree, shaved Brussels sprout salad, ancho maple butter sauce, and sherry vinaigrette.or vegetarian friendly poblano relleno ($45) Made with beech mushrooms, artichoke hearts, sweet potatoes, roasted pepitas, enchanted black rice, and carrot moles. There are also other pork and fish options.

sedona gift shopsedona gift shop

In addition to solid food pairings, guests will also enjoy a meticulously curated wine list and a rotating cocktail program that is distinctly Arizona-inspired. This season's notable works include: smoke fall fashion Old Forester 100 proof with apricot puree, orange bitters and dried apricot chips.of ambiente buffalo sour Garnish with buffalo trace, lemon juice, honey ginger syrup, egg whites and lavender sprigs.of arizona smoked pair Garnished with naran mezcal, aperol, fruitful prickly pear, lemon juice and dried lemon.And that red flag Casamigos blanco, fruitful blood orange and ginger liqueur, drizzled with lime juice and garnished with black salt, dried lime and thyme sprigs.

Like the hotel's cube-shaped guest atrium and other structures dotting the rugged landscape, Forty1 features a contemporary matte black façade and chic design elements, keeping the design minimal and rustic. while offering a luxurious and charming atmosphere. Floor-to-ceiling retractable windows let in plenty of light during the day and provide a refreshing breeze. You also have immediate access to the outdoor pool terrace with a roaring fireplace, perfect for the colder months. Smooth stone floors and countertops, stately wooden beams, lush hanging greenery and an ornate bar balance the interior space and evoke a sense of grounding with the natural environment. Glossy black glass panels along the interior back wall of the restaurant reflect the stunning red rock formations that Sedona is famous for, allowing guests to appreciate the otherworldly surroundings that await just outside, no matter where they are seated. Let me remind you once again.

Forty 1 serves breakfast (free to hotel guests) and dinner daily, and also features another fast-casual restaurant, The Drifter, located next door, located in a custom Airstream, with lunch and pool access. Serves side dishes.

Learn more about Forty1 and reserve your spot here. Or call 800-405-1969.

About Ambiente A Landscape Hotel
North America's first landscape hotel, Ambiente is uniquely designed to blend into the mystical red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, inviting guests to experience and embrace the natural beauty of their surroundings at one of the world's hotels. provide an opportunity. the most wonderful place. His 40 cube-shaped guest atriums at this boutique hotel use bronze-colored glass and high piers to make the structure reflect the landscape, so it appears to be floating above the high desert terrain. I can see it. With its sleek, contemporary design, this hotel embodies elegant minimalism and the very best in luxury accommodation. Ambiente is committed to providing travelers around the world with sustainable destinations in harmony with the environment.Learn more about

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