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American Academy Of Pediatrics Calls For ‘Systemic Review’ Of Their Own Guidance Dysphoric Kids

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), a leading pediatrics association, is calling for a “systematic overhaul” of its guidance on gender reassignment in children.

At a meeting in Itasca, Illinois, AAP board members voted to reaffirm the 2018 guidance encouraging gender transition for youth with gender dysphoria. The New York Times reportedBut with several European countries moving to restrict child gender reassignment, the group also recommended a further review of medical guidance.

“The Board believes the existing evidence is that the current policy is appropriate,” said AAP CEO Marc Del Monte. “At the same time, the board recognized that additional detail would be helpful here.”

AAP’s Information for 2018 recommend to young people who identifies As transgender people, we need to be offered “an unprejudiced approach to helping children feel safe in a society that too often marginalizes and stigmatizes those who are seen as different.” . (Related article: Scandal-ridden BLM activist Sean King pays congressional candidate $75,000 for calling him a ‘real-life supervillain’)

“Gender-affirming models strengthen family resilience and alleviate growing concerns about gender, while allowing children the freedom to focus on schoolwork, relationship building and other typical developmental tasks.” written in the standard.

The AAP also recommends that insurance plans cover surgical interventions and other medical procedures that make minors appear heterosexual.

States across the US, including Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee and Oklahoma, are cracking down on child transsexual treatment. AAPs are publicly opposed these prohibitions.

At the same time, detransitioners are suing doctors for providing puberty inhibitors, hormones, and gender reassignment surgery when they were minors.

The Travisstock Clinic, which operated with a policy of unquestioning acceptance of children who expressed a gender identity that did not match their biological sex, was ordered to close by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).Sweden backs down previous policy touting heterosexual hormones as ‘safe’ and banned Sex reassignment treatment is not permitted for minors except in limited circumstances because “at this time the risks outweigh the benefits.” The Norwegian Medical Investigative Board (NHIB) recommends classifying pubertal blockers, sex hormones and pediatric surgery as “experimental”.

Pediatric guidance for adolescents who identify as transgender written By two transgender activists without medical degrees, the group encouraged the Justice Department to: investigation Those who criticize “gender-affirming care”.

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