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Archaeologists Unearth ‘Mysterious’ Monolith At Ancient Temple

A press release issued on Monday detailed the discovery of a “mysterious” 4,000-year-old monolith on the island of Cyprus.

The Elimi Archaeological Team of the University of Siena Explained The large monolith, with its “circular motif of a cup in the center,” is said to “tell the story of a remote period in the Cypriot artisan community.” It is approximately 7.55 feet tall and is part of a vast Bronze Age community complex. according to To ancient origins.

The site also contains dye vats, storehouses and workshops, indicating that it was an important textile manufacturing site. The monolith was found in a chamber on the western side of the complex.

“The monolith, which originally stood in the center of the chamber, collapsed to the floor, destroying a large amphora that had been placed in front of a small circular hearth at its foot,” Professor Luca Bombardieri, scientific director of the project, said in a press release. “The interior space of the chamber was therefore free to circulate around the monolith, the amphora and the hearth that occupied the central part.” (Related: Archaeologists discover 'lost' grave at military base)

He and his team of 30 experts and students from Italy, Greece and Cyprus will continue their fieldwork at the site, aiming to better understand the thought and ritual practices of this ancient Cypriot culture.

There seems to be a focus on the relationship between spiritual, social and economic activities within this community. I think it would be good to consider the same factors within the country.

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