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Ariz. senator falsely claims counties can’t use vote counting machines

Republican leaders in the Arizona Senate, citing a recently passed legislative resolution, are calling for counties to stop using current counting machines to count ballots. But the move has no legal basis, and his claims were also criticized by some Republican lawmakers.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Sonny Borrelli of the City of Lake Havasu wrote to county leaders statewide that unless the system meets the requirements, it will be used “as the primary method of conducting, counting, tallying, and verifying federal elections” and “electronic elections.” Voting system” cannot be used. It was established in a recent resolution passed by Congress.

But election officials across the state were quick to point out that these requirements were not legally enforceable.

Secretary of State Adrian Fontes said Mr Borelli was relying on a non-binding resolution passed earlier this year with only Republican support. Fontes said in a statement that the resolution does not require the governor’s signature and does not have the power to change state and federal rules regarding election supplies.

Maricopa County Oversight Board Chairman Clint Hickman said a senator cannot force an Arizona county to stop using counting tools to count votes.

And Mr. Borrelli’s Republican colleagues in the Senate disagree with his demands.

“This is something that Senator Borrelli is doing on his own,” said Kim Quintero, the director of public relations for the Senate Republican Party.

Quintero said the rest of the Senate leadership also disagreed with the letter.

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