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Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes investigating Cochise County supervisors for alleged open meeting violations

Attorney General Chris Mays is investigating the Cochise County Board of Supervisors for possible violations of the State Open Meeting Act.

In a July 31 letter to the Republican-led board, Mays, a Democrat, warned regulators that he had received “a large number” of complaints about alleged violations of public meetings.

The complaints date back more than a year and appear to be consistent with various election-related decisions made by the board following the 2022 general election. That included a move by Republican Overseers Tom Crosby and Peggy Judd to sue county election officials.

“Uncomfortably, my office continues to receive complaints about additional and ongoing violations, even as these investigations are pending,” Mays wrote.

In the letter, the attorney general specifically singled out Crosby for ignoring “repeated warnings by attorneys” that he was breaking the law.

Mays has warned he will pursue penalties under state law for violations of these laws, which could include seeking the removal of supervisors.

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