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ArtPops: Q & A with Dusty Rug Band

The band started by playing small gigs near Flagstaff. After establishing themselves locally, they began performing in different cities and on bigger stages.

What made you step into the world of art and music?

We have all been playing music since we were young, but none of us pursued it seriously until we met and formed Dusty Rag. We started by playing small gigs around Flagstaff. After establishing ourselves locally, we were able to start performing in different cities and on bigger stages. He recorded his first album within a year after we formed the band, and his second album is scheduled to be released in early 2024.

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

Music as a medium influences us artistically. We not only need to create, we need to perform and work together as one. At the heart of it all, we all just want to play our music.

What is your favorite media?

Live performance itself is our favorite medium. The intimacy and ephemerality of every performance provides a unique musical experience for both us and the audience. No two shows are the same.

What is your motivation for creating?

We all have a deep love and appreciation for music, which naturally motivates us to create music. It's one of the few things we feel is truly meaningful.

What was the inspiration for the works chosen as Artpop?

At its core, “Pending Past Mending” is about unstable relationships and uncertainty. We stumbled across that guitar riff and it became the driving force behind the entire song. Once the basic structure was in place, everyone added their parts and the song became what it is today.

How can people find you?

The music we record can be heard on all streaming platforms. For information on upcoming shows and other Dusty Rug related information, please visit us on Instagram and other social media @dustyrugband.

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