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Associated Builders and Contractors of Alabama support Gov. Ivey’s pushback of UAW

As Gov. Kay Ivey continues to fight the United Auto Workers unionization drive at the Mercedes plant, officials across the state share their appreciation for her efforts to keep the issue in focus. .

Mark Mattox, chairman of the board of Associated Builders and Contractors of Alabama, was that group.

Mattox said, “Alabama's affiliated builders and contractors are determined to oppose the United Auto Workers unionization effort at southern auto plants, recognizing this is a serious threat to Alabama's economy. “I proudly support Governor Kay Ivey.”

“Governor. Ms. Ivey's unwavering commitment to protecting Alabama's auto manufacturing sector, one of Alabama's crown jewels, reflects her dedication to protecting the hope, prosperity, and career opportunities of our state's citizens.” is reflected. ”

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Mattox noted that auto manufacturing is not the only important state-run industry that could be affected by the UAW.

“In addition to the automotive sector, commercial construction is also an important component of Alabama's economy, contributing more than $12 billion annually,” Mattox said. “Private, non-union construction workers make up the overwhelming majority (nearly 94%) of the state's craft workers, highlighting the importance of protecting this sector and worker choice. ”

Mattox said Ivey and ABC share the same high regard for Alabama's workers. He also said the governor has provided strong leadership on unionization efforts.

“I share her sentiments that Alabamians work hard and produce the best cars in the world, and it is important that outside interests do not undermine this success,” Mattox said. “Governor. Ivey is sending a clear message. She is standing up for Alabamians and protecting their jobs.”

Associated Builders and Contractors is a national construction industry trade association representing more than 23,000 members. ABC has 68 chapters across the country, and its members represent every specialty in the U.S. construction industry.

Austin Shipley is a staff writer at Yellowhammer News.

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