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ATF ‘Firearms Expert’ Gets Roasted For Failing At Glock Disassembly … These Are The People Who Regulate Your Guns

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Director Steven Dettelbach brought a so-called “leading expert” to a Sunday appearance on CBS's Face the Nation, where he showed off a Glock pistol. It proved surprisingly impossible to disassemble.

Chris Bolt, the acting chief of the ATF's Firearms and Ammunition Technology Division, had a laughable amount of trouble disassembling the Glock's slide and gave up after multiple attempts and moved on to another weapon.

Mr. Bolt was brutally criticized online for his inability to perform the most basic functions in an industry he is supposed to regulate.

Gun Owners of America created a hilarious video compilation with the “Yes, That's Me” meme and pointed out that “these are the ATF's so-called 'experts'.”

Another Twitter user, Austin Ramos, pointed out that he was more qualified than the ATF's “guru” for easily disassembling a similar style weapon in seven seconds.

In addition to Bolt's incompetence, Dettelbach himself appeared to be surprisingly ill-informed on the subject of being the nation's chief overseer.

At one point in the video, he refers to the drum magazine as a “75 round clip.” The magazine that feeds the bullet into the firearm's chamber is different from the clip that holds the cartridges together. This is something the average firearms enthusiast should know, but the insane head of the ATF apparently doesn't. (Related: Rising actor shows off badass gun skills in viral video)

The astonishing level of incompetence on display in this 20-minute horror porn extravaganza cannot be overstated. First, the Bureau may not be able to find anyone more qualified or competent to conduct the interviews than these individuals. Then there's the decision not to cut an obviously viral clip of a weapons expert showing how bad he is with a weapon.

While both federal agencies definitely win the Idiot of the Week award, the honorable mention goes to CBS. Instead of finding one of the many media-savvy weapons experts to interview these two and ask them real questions, they turn to host Margaret Brennan, who asks one difficult question. He does not challenge the many dubious claims of “experts”. ”

This clip is everything that's wrong with America today. Amazing incompetence. Lazy journalism. A group of elites will take away your weapons, your questions, your freedoms in the name of the “greater good” without explaining how or why your sacrifices will actually legitimately benefit anyone. They want to transfer it to the government.

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