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Athletics Reveal What Their Las Vegas Stadium Is Going To Look Like, And Holy Hell, This Thing Is Gorgeous

Judging by the look of this bad boy, A's might be a perfect fit for Sin City.

If their plans ultimately come to fruition (and I hope they do, and I think they will), the Oakland Athletics…er, excuse me…future Las Vegas Athletics, will be the ones to play. We will have a very luxurious stadium.

Sure, the A's may still face multiple hurdles to overcome, lawsuits to still fight, and delays that are sure to come with this entire process, but the franchise decided Tuesday that no. And they stopped rendering of the stadium they are proposing anyway. The stadium will be located on the Las Vegas Strip. (Related: 2015 AL MVP Josh Donaldson retires from MLB after 13 seasons)

The Athletics released an official rendering of the X on social media, but to no one's surprise, they deleted the comments section (there are plenty of haters out there). That being said, if you take a look at the photos, you'll see a very luxurious stadium that befits this stadium. 33,000 Beautiful residents of Las Vegas.

And this is also very creative, with many comparisons being made to Australia's iconic Sydney Opera House, and when you examine the roof, it looks like it can fold up on itself. The outfield has open views of the Strip, but it still appears to be enclosed. I understand the concept, but Athletics needs to open up a full view of the strip. There may be much glory here. But for now, the view of the MGM Grand, New York, New York Hotel will suffice.

Check this out…it's amazing.

Let's move, folks, let's put Athletics in Las Vegas.

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