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Attorney files to suppress evidence in case of MCC shooting suspect | Local News Stories

Last year, a man in Lake Havasu was arrested after a shootout involving the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the Mojave County Sheriff’s Office. His lawyers are now filing a motion to cover up any evidence investigators gathered after inciting the case.

The case began last April with a drug trafficking investigation, when Department of Public Security detectives monitored the Kingman residence in connection with reports of drug activity in the area. Two suspects, later identified as Juan M. Rodriguez, 48, of Havasu, and Tabitha Lubash, 21, of Kingman, left the house in a white BMW, according to prosecutors. ran away. Department of Public Safety Detective Donald Shedd chased the vehicle in an unmarked cruiser in anticipation of a traffic violation that might justify stopping the vehicle’s driver, according to court records.

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