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Auburn campus readies for annual Tiger Giving Day

Auburn University's annual Tiger Giving Day, an annual day of giving, is returning for its ninth year this week.

Wednesday's lineup includes 45 projects from across campus, ranging from digitizing Auburn University Athletics' fragile film reels to funding field trips for students in grades 6-11 participating in the Summer STEM Academy.

Other projects include creating a sensory gym for patients at Auburn University’s Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic and helping student veterans successfully transition from military to academic life by providing them with access to the technology they need.

Founded in 2015, Tiger Giving Day provides a platform for grassroots-led projects that are vital to Auburn's land-grant mission and are supported by students, faculty and staff. Donors: Tiger Giving Day website Before you donate, you can read about each project and watch short video presentations recorded by students and faculty.

Tiger Giving Day connects the dire needs of our campus and community with the generosity of alumni, friends, students, faculty and staff, and the crowdfunding aspect of the day allows donors and campus supporters to see in real time how projects approach their fundraising goals over the course of 24 hours, highlighting the power of collective giving.

Each project featured needs help to reach their daily fundraising goal.

Among the projects featured this year is the Auburn Sustainance Project, a student-led organization that aims to support child development by ensuring Auburn schoolchildren who rely on school meals have food over the holidays. Funds from Tiger Giving Day will help student leaders purchase needed food storage and distribution tools, including freezers, plastic containers and wheelbarrows.

“Nutrition is a critical component of child development and education because hunger impacts a child's emotional, developmental and cognitive health. When children are hungry, they don't sleep well, they can't concentrate in class and they can't study,” said Caroline Purvis, a lecturer in the Department of Human Development and Family Sciences in the College of Human Sciences and faculty advisor for the Auburn Sustainment Project. “Since our students decided to take on this issue in 2021, we have provided 95,400 meals and 23,970 snacks to children in Auburn City Schools.”

Another project at Auburn, the SKILL program, provides one-on-one academic support and coaching to undergraduate students with executive functioning disorders, such as autism and ADHD. Participating students work with a coach on time management and study strategies and receive weekly action plans and grade tracking.

“SKILL is a paid supplemental service, which means some highly potential students are unable to access it,” said Mandi Buckalew, SKILL Program Director and Academic Coach. “With Tiger Giving Day's support, we can provide coaching at a significantly reduced cost, helping more students gain skills that will benefit them in the classroom and in their professional lives.”

Since 2015, Tiger Giving Day donors have funded nearly 300 projects for the University. Donations can be made here: Tiger Giving.

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