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Auburn will officially become a Nike school next summer

Beginning in July 2025, Auburn University will partner with Nike as the exclusive apparel provider for all athletic programs. This long-awaited transition marks the end of Auburn University's 18-year partnership with Under Armour.

Fans, former players and advocates have been clamoring for the move for years, and Auburn athletic director John Cohen said the school plans to sign a 10-year deal with the apparel giant.

“We are pleased to enter into this new partnership with Nike, a brand that has always supported athletes and sports around the world, and we appreciate Nike's strong support throughout this process. We believe our 10-year agreement, beginning in July 2025, will continue to serve the advancement of Auburn University and best serve our student-athletes and the university moving forward,” Cohen said in a statement.

Cohen also expressed his gratitude for all that Under Armour has done for Auburn University throughout their longstanding relationship.

“We are also grateful to Kevin Plank and Under Armour for 18 years of valued partnership that has grown the Auburn University brand and served our student-athletes, coaches and fans. We look forward to celebrating this relationship throughout our final year together.”

Cohen announced the deal in a video posted to the social media platform in which he is seen receiving text messages from some of the school's most famous alumni asking if they'd made the switch yet, replying with a check mark reminiscent of Nike's classic swoosh.

according to Clint RichardsonAuburn's 2015 extension with Under Armour included stock options as a major part of its contract, which was trading at $54 per share at the time but has since fallen to less than $7 per share.

The value of his contract with Nike is still unknown.

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