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‘Barbie’ Is An Involuntary Acid Trip That Worked For The Most Bizarre Reasons: REVIEW

Being unconsciously exposed to acid doesn’t sound like much fun, but the “Barbie” movies simulated it beautifully. And it was just as cathartic.

About 3 seconds after the credits run.”barbie‘ I said to my friend. In my opinion. I don’t know what we just saw, but it made sense. ’ I laughed a lot… I held my stomach and laughed. I cried. The soundtrack was really shocking. difficult. I don’t know why, but “Barbie” suits me.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like “Barbie” before. The only way I can explain it to my parents is, “It’s like if I was 5 years old and you watched ‘Easy Rider’ and taught me ‘Patriarchy’ and then turned it into a game.” with my barbie doll. “

It really amazes me how people find ways to be offended by the storyline and directing. Too ridiculous to be offensive. It’s corporate, stupid assholes, teenage angst, awakened rhetoric, men in suits who take themselves too seriously (the funniest part), and Los Angeles (Century City sucks ass and we everyone knows that).

I can also understand why men don’t like this movie. This is definitely a women’s movie, written by a woman who fully understands the child’s mind and its terrifying evolution into a woman. It was somewhat terrifying to watch things go from glorious and happy to eerie and terrifying. But it happens to all of us (usually around the time we enter high school or enter adolescence). (Related: Dear Kay: I’m a liberal woman deeply attracted to conservative men. Why?)

Every girl wakes up one day to find that they aren’t skinny enough, tall enough, smart enough, and fair skinned enough. And why do we have strange fantasies about dying?! Every girl friend I’ve ever dated has dreamed of what happened next. Because there are days when everything on this planet feels empty.

Greta Gerwig has created something that mother and daughter can watch together forever while dad is grilling outside. But dad is probably back home with America Ferrera ranting about what it’s like to get through life as a woman for her and the standards we can’t reach. should see A good man knows how to alleviate these problems for his wife or daughter.

The only potential flaw in Gerwig’s writing is that it didn’t make me want to be a feminist. With her hair and nails bright pink, she was tempted to party in the desert like she was 22 years old again. Oh, can I get my glitter back now? I think we are ready.

Of course all the actors were great. A big yell to Tom Stallton (bro, you made it!!) and the Welsh family, Rob Brydon.

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