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Basketball Game Recap: Peyton Panthers vs. Yuma

The Peyton Panthers have already proven themselves in the regular season and showed no signs of slowing down in the playoffs. They escaped with a 36-28 win over Yuma on Friday. Victory was routine for Payton, who remains undefeated in 24 games this season.

Payton let his senior duo lead the way, with AJ Mannering scoring 17 points and Emme Ratliff adding 12 points. This marks the 18th consecutive game in which Mannering has scored at least one-third of Payton's points. The team also got help courtesy of Abby Nickell, who scored seven points.

Payton's victory improved his record to 24-0. As for Yuma, the loss lowered their record to 16 wins and 9 losses.

Peyton and Colorado Springs Christian will face off on March 9 at 4 p.m. without much rest after playing yesterday. Payton enters this game on an 18-game winning streak on the road, so Colorado Springs Christian will have to stop a team with momentum. As for Yuma, they will play against St. Mary's on March 9th at 12:00 pm without much rest after playing yesterday. St. Mary's enters this game on a four-game losing streak on the road, so Yuma will have to defend against a team looking for a win.

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