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Biden Adviser Chairs Super PAC Under Scrutiny For Not Filing Disclosures

An adviser to President Joe Biden is the founding chair of a super PAC that has been repeatedly admonished by federal authorities for failing to comply with federal campaign finance laws.

Democratic Party of Pennsylvania state legislator Malcolm Kenyatta is named He was the chairman of Agenda PAC, a pro-LGBTQ super PAC, when it was founded in 2022 and was re-elected as chairman on May 31, 2023. article. Federal Election Commission (FEC) warned The FEC sued Agenda PAC in August 2023, alleging that PAC failed to file its mid-year financial report, in violation of federal law.

Agenda PAC has not yet filed its 2023 campaign finance disclosures as of this writing. according to to FEC. (Related: Criminal investigation into Cori Bush's campaign finances long delayed, watchdog group says)

In addition to serving as a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Mr. Kenyatta running Pennsylvania State Auditor and waiter Chair of the President's Advisory Council on Advancing Educational Equity, Excellence, and Economic Opportunity for Black Americans.

Agenda PAC “aims to hold anti-LGBTQ+ politicians and elected officials accountable and to defend vulnerable elected officials who advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.” according to Go to that website.

Craig Holman, government affairs lobbyist for the nonpartisan consumer advocacy group Public Citizen, told the Daily Caller News Foundation that voters should know where that money is coming from and how it will be used by every supermarket. “We have an absolute right to know what is going on.” PACs promote and attack federal candidates. ”

“Money transparency in politics is a pillar of our democratic system because it helps inform voters about the nature of campaign advertising aimed at influencing their votes,” he continued.

The FEC's warning, issued more than four months ago, said it was “critical” that Agenda PAC “submit this report immediately.”

Failure to file disclosures could result in “civil monetary penalties, audits, or enforcement actions,” according to the FEC.

“It is not all that common for super PACs to ignore warnings from the FEC regarding improper filings or omissions,” Holman told DCNF.

An FEC spokesperson told DCNF there is no new information to share regarding Agenda PAC.database maintained The FEC indicates no fines have been imposed on Agenda PAC yet.

Kenyatta is associated with a PAC that the FEC has flagged for violating federal financial disclosure requirements, while also running for a position overseeing compliance with financial laws in Pennsylvania.

Kenyatta is the only Democratic candidate declared to be running for Pennsylvania Comptroller General in 2024. The Comptroller General serves as Pennsylvania's “chief financial watchdog” and is “responsible for using audits to ensure that all state funds are being spent lawfully and appropriately.” . according to To the Federation.

Agenda PAC donates $8,000 to Kenyatta's misfortune senate campaign In December 2022, according to For FEC disclosure.

Although Agenda PAC has not filed disclosures about its political activities in 2023, social media posts from the PAC indicate that Agenda PAC was politically active.

On November 1, 2023, in a post on X (formerly known as Twitter), PAC advertised A door-knocking event held in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, aimed at “ousting anti-LGBTQ+ politicians.”

Agenda PAC executed multiple political advertising Seeking to influence the outcome of Pennsylvania school board elections in 2023.

Post created by Agenda PAC on November 9, 2023; Congratulations A list of candidates supported by political committees in the Pennsylvania Board of Education elections. “This is just the beginning,” the post read.

Karen Smith, one of the winning school board candidates celebrated in an Agenda PAC post, caused controversy after she placed her hand on a book depicting a naked teenage boy while taking the oath of office. Fox News Digital reported. report.

This is not the first time the FEC has warned an Agenda PAC for not complying with federal campaign finance regulations. PAC received a warning from the FEC Several times about it Application for 2022 If the disclosure was not made by the deadline or if the disclosure was inaccurate.

Kenyatta and Agenda PAC did not respond to DCNF's requests for comment.

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