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Biden Campaign Believes Obama Is Working ‘Behind The Scenes’ To ‘Orchestrate’ Calls To Step Down, Joe Scarborough Says

President Joe Biden's campaign believes former President Barack Obama is secretly orchestrating pressure to drop out of the presidential race, “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough claimed Thursday.

Obama's supporters have been attacking Biden as the president and his team try to maintain their status as the presumptive Democratic nominee following their disastrous debate defeat. Biden's campaign and “Democratic insiders” suspect Obama himself is behind the move and believe it will backfire, Scarborough said. (Related article: Forget basement campaigning. It's been a total basement presidency for Joe Biden)


“What's going on behind the scenes is the Biden campaign, and many Democrats believe that Barack Obama is quietly orchestrating this behind the scenes,” Scarborough said. “And even if Joe Biden believes that, it's not going to get him out of the race anytime soon. Every time David Axelrod attacks him, David Axelrod makes sure that Joe Biden revs himself up again. Every time the Pod Brothers say something nasty about Joe Biden before the debate or after the debate, and they've said nasty things about Joe Biden many times, every time they do that, it revs him up a little bit more.”

Jon Favreau, host of Pod Save America and former aide to President Obama, Supported Democratic donor Actor George Clooney in Wednesday's New York Times Editorial Mr Biden claims to have declining cognitive abilities. Mr Obama's chief campaign strategist, David Axelrod, called the op-ed “devastating”.

“The path for Joe Biden to step aside gracefully is not through Obama or Clinton. It can't be,” Scarborough continued. “Because, again, like I said, some people don't get it. I'm not talking about how it should be, I'm talking about how it is. And this is the reality…Joe Biden is deeply resentful not only at the way he was treated by the Obama administration staff, but also the way he was pushed aside because of Hillary Clinton. He is deeply resentful of people who try to push him aside. He's always felt like an outsider, he's always felt looked down upon.”

CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten said Wednesday that Biden's chances of reelection are currently low, as he is trailing former President Donald Trump in must-win states after the debate.

“We've talked a lot about national polls, and of course the race is going to be decided by whether you win or lose the Electoral College, and I want to show here that at this point, Donald Trump has the advantage,” Enten told host Jim Acosta. “That's the bottom line.”

The Cook Political Report on Tuesday revised its outlook for Arizona, Georgia and Nevada from “swing” states to “Republican-leaning” states. It also revised New Hampshire, Minnesota and Nebraska's 2nd Congressional District from “Democrat-leaning” to “Democrat-leaning.”

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