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Biden Says He Regrets Branding Laken Riley’s Alleged Murderer As ‘An Illegal’ After Liberal Backlash

President Joe Biden on Saturday expressed regret for calling Laken Riley's suspected murderer a “lawless offender.”

Liberals accused Biden of killing a 22-year-old nursing student during Thursday's State of the Union address after Republicans demanded the president say Riley's name during his speech. criticized for using the term to describe José Antonio Ibarra. Biden told MSNBC's Jonathan Capehart that he should have used the word “undocumented” instead. (Related: 'Every state is a border state': Georgia Governor Brian Kemp slams Biden administration over college student's death)


“He's an illegal alien. And he shouldn't have used something illegal, it's undocumented,” Biden said on “MSNBC Report.”

“And, look, when I talked about the differences between Trump and me, one of the things I talked about at the border was the way he talked about pests, the way he talked about people contaminating blood. “I talked about things I wouldn't do. Things I wouldn't do,” he added.

By Thursday, Biden had not directly addressed the tragedy publicly since Riley was killed on Feb. 22.

“I don't mean any disrespect to any of these people. Look, they built the country. They're the reason our economy is growing. We have to manage an orderly flow, and I totally disagree with his views,” Biden said.

Mr. Capehart directly asked Mr. Biden if he regretted using the word during his speech, to which the president replied, “Yes.”

Biden said Riley was an “innocent young woman who was killed by an illegal alien,” and in a speech on Thursday he called the 22-year-old nursing student “Lincoln” instead of “Laken” and began collapsing her first name. Ta.

Ybarra is an illegal immigrant from Venezuela who was released under the Biden administration after crossing the southern border into El Paso, Texas. He had an extensive criminal history and was arrested shortly after Riley's body was discovered on the University of Georgia campus after fleeing in the mid-afternoon.

Democratic Texas Rep. Veronica Escobar, a co-chair of the Biden campaign, recently suggested that deporting illegal immigrants would have a negative economic impact.

“It's impossible to deport everyone who is in this country illegally,” she told CNN anchor Jim Acosta. “We simply don't have the resources, and it's not in our favor. I mean, Jim, you've probably seen the press that what's actually been supporting our economy is immigrant workers, immigrant labor. I The challenge they face is that Congress has not created a legal pathway for them.”

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