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Bill Maher Shocked As Killer Mike Refuses To Endorse Biden Over Trump

Comedian Bill Maher seemed surprised by rapper Killer Mike's refusal to endorse President Joe Biden over former President Donald Trump on Friday's “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

Despite Maher's repeated push Killer Mike revealed his preferred candidate, but the rapper steadfastly avoided answering the question directly. Maher relentlessly pursued him in disbelief, but Killer Mike ultimately outlined the conditions for giving his support to Biden and called on the president to take concrete steps to take into account black people. did. (Related: 'If we had Trump, we had money': What MSNBC told Black voters could be bad news for Biden)

After Killer Mike explained the need for voters to focus on policy rather than individual people, Maher asked the rapper which candidate he would “support” in 2024.

“I support Black people. And happy Black History Month,” Killer Mike said before referencing his past support for independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“Can't you just say, 'I'm voting for Biden over Trump?'” Maher asked.

Killer Mike responded by listing what Biden needs to do to gain support.

“Can he make himself apologize for this?” [1994] Crime bill? Could he seriously say, “Black people, you are black''? He wants to be told what he has to do. 'He could pick a coalition of former people affected by drug enforcement, street gangs, recidivism, and crime and say, “We need you on the board to advise us on how to improve federal prisons.'' Or? If he can do it, I definitely can too. So my challenge is over,” the rapper said.

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