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Bipartisan Leaders and Businesses Rally for Prop 479 to Sustain

Arizona's political and business leaders are rallying arms in support of Proposition 479, a bill aimed at preserving Maricopa County's transportation-critical half-cent sales tax. The tax, which has been in place since 1985 and was renewed in 2004, will be repealed at the end of this year unless voters pass an extension in November.according to ABC15 According to the report, the coalition includes not only Gov. Katie Hobbs, but also several mayors and key business figures, all of whom say the move is key to driving economic and job growth in the region. We are enthusiastically pushing forward with our proposals.

In preparing to update Prop 479, Arizona officials are painting an emergency picture. They say not extending the tax increase will have “dire consequences,” a sentiment echoed by Mesa Mayor John Giles. Statement obtained by ABC15, emphasized the importance of taxes for continued infrastructure funding to “keep up with growth” in Maricopa County. Glendale Mayor Jerry Wyers emphasized the spirit of collaboration, noting that this is the “first time” cities have worked together to select projects important to their regions, the same source reported.

Proposition 479's potential for an economic boost is underscored by its promise of job creation, with Governor Hobbs claiming the tax will create 30,000 jobs annually for a quarter of a century. According to the same ABC15 article, Hobbs emphasized the importance of the initiative and said it would “ensure economic growth for Arizona.” Mayor Giles responded to concerns that this would result in a tax increase, clarifying that he was simply maintaining the existing funding mechanism.

However, not everyone is in favor of this proposal. The Arizona Freedom Caucus voiced its opposition, calling Proposition 479 a significant victory for Democrats.It's over's Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego reportedly has particular concerns about the crowded polls, saying she fears it could confuse voters and erode support for extending the tax increase.

As Mayor Gallego said: ABC15“Proposition 479 is part of a statewide effort, so we're just asking people who care about a comfortable commute to check out Proposition 479.”

The November election will ultimately decide whether the tax continues to pave the way for growth in Arizona's bustling Maricopa County. Supporters and opponents alike agree that the outcome of Proposition 479 will have a long-term impact on the region's development and economic health.

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