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Birmingham Business Alliance adds two legislative priorities to 2024 agenda

As the 2024 legislative session progresses, the Birmingham Business Alliance (BBA) announced it will add two legislative priorities to its agenda: expanding Alabama's port infrastructure and strengthening the child care tax credit.

The BBA says it fully supports the expansion of the Port of Birmingham, recognizing the role that transport and logistics play in economic growth. The group is asking the state Legislature to increase funding for all of Alabama's inland ports through grants, appropriations, and legislative action.

BBA described the strategic investment as “essential” in the process of strengthening Alabama’s competitiveness in global trade.

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Additionally, the influential business coalition said that true to its commitment to workforce development and accessibility, the BBA intends to enact legislation that strengthens child care tax credits for families, caregivers, and educators. .

These efforts support current workforce needs and address the projected demand for 500,000 skilled workers over the next five years. By making child care more accessible and affordable, BBA says working parents can contribute to the economy while raising the next generation of Alabamians.

According to the group, these priorities build on BBA's existing legislative agenda and reflect BBA's continued commitment to fostering a robust economic environment in the Birmingham metropolitan area and across Alabama; He added that he looks forward to working with state leaders to enact this agenda into law.

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Jim Proctor, vice president of public policy at BBA and senior vice president of legal affairs and external affairs at McWane, said, “By supporting our employees from the ground up, including accessible childcare, we are building a foundation for solid business growth.” I believe that it will be built.” ,Co., Ltd

“Taking care of the needs of our employees directly translates into a company's ability to expand and prosper. It's forward-thinking investments like this that drive Alabama forward.”

BBA’s complete 2024 legislative agenda, including support and long-term priorities, is available online. To review the agenda and learn more about BBA's public policy efforts, please visit: www.Birmingham Business Policy.

Grayson Everett is the state and politics editor for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @Grayson270

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