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… blue … lots of it!

…There’s a clear lack of imagination in tonight’s caption…but the image is blue, or at least a good portion of it is blue.

The photo above was taken from southwest to northeast of Rogers Lake on the Colorado Plateau. Above the lake, you can see the San Francisco Mountains covered in lots of snow…which is to be expected since it's February…clouds, blue skies, and blue skies reflected in the lake. It was a wonderful day filled with a sense of elation!

The photo below was taken as a great blue heron flaps its wings across Oak Creek, overlooking the heavily forested riverbed in the background. The word majestic comes to mind!

Moaning 20240308b

Heading into the weekend…time to spend time with friends and catch up on more projects. For me, it means finishing up Blue Her Sapphire's photos and cleaning the carpet…I'm only halfway there.

Back to Monday…keep breathing, smiling and enjoying life on this beautiful little planet we call home.


Even though I know that someday it won't open anymore
My eyes are night or day,

I am the one who is freed from chains and gazes at the stars.
Workbench at dusk.

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They are a sign that neither you nor I are fleeting.
No matter who you are.

The dawn has come and the darkness and presence shines
On a gloomy night, forever and ever.

Max Ehrman at night


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