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Boat Featured In ‘The Sopranos’ Is Up For Sale

The original boat that appeared in the 1999 pilot episode of The Sopranos is now for sale, The People first reported Thursday.

Fans of HBO’s hit shows can now own a nostalgic piece of television history. Tony Soprano’s boat ‘The Stagots’, a 47-foot-long Cape Fear vessel, served as the backdrop for many of the scenes filmed for the show. It is being sold by United Yacht Sales in Stamford, Connecticut for $299,000. This boat is about 25 years old to her and since 2016 she has been owned by one owner. according to to people. (Related article: Johnny Depp artwork sold for $3.6 million in hours)

According to People magazine, the current owner of the boat said it was used for cruising and fishing with her family and that she was now looking for a larger boat to suit her needs. According to People magazine, the family changed the ship’s name from “The Stagots,” an Italian slang term for male genitalia, to the more conservative “Never Enough.”

The boat has been on the market since July 28, according to People magazine, and has received “a huge amount of phone calls and emails,” broker Paul Ouimet said. “Even potential buyers have a lot of people who just want to come and see.”

Of course, the boat owned by Tony Soprano on the show is very appealing to fans.

“We’re trying to get rid of all this and get legitimate buyers who are seriously interested in the boat. We have three very serious looking gentlemen who will be coming to see the boat in the next week or so. I’m interested in that,” Ouimet said. “I think the interior is also very well put together for a ship of its time. Whether you are going fishing or taking the family out, I think you have everything around a great boat.”

Besides the charm of the ship, it also boasts of “very large” outdoor deck space.

The boat was featured in the pilot episode of the show featuring Tony Soprano (played by the late James Gandolfini) and his mistress Irina.

“I think the show had a really big cult following,” Ouimet said, according to People magazine.

When it comes to finishing the sale, he doesn’t seem to worry one bit.

“I think a lot of people would want to own that boat, knowing that it was featured on the show. It was Tony Soprano’s boat,” he said.

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