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BOB EHRLICH: America’s Ruling Class Has Utterly Failed

Scott Rasmussen, a well-respected Republican pollster, has revealed (through expensive polling) that a group of far-left wealthy urbanites is on the rise, making up 1 percent of the electorate.

No one will be surprised to see the demographics associated with this group. That is, these people are disproportionately young (between 35 and 54 years old), white, upper middle class, and highly educated.They are Really Like the work Joe Biden has put forward over the past three years, he believes there is too much individual freedom in the United States and is a big fan of all things Green New Deal.

Contrast this progressive bloc with the well-studied blue-collar deplorables (mostly white, high school educated, church-going, flyover-located, freedom-loving people), and you'll find that the violently divisive world in which we live It explains a great deal about polarized times.

However, such an explanation is too simplistic. The hostility/resentment angle involves more than just the number of graduate degrees each group owns or whether they read the statutes. new york times Or watch WWE. And that's what ordinary old men have learned about what the American ruling class accomplished, or more accurately failed to accomplish, while determining foreign and domestic policy for the great unwashed people. It starts with how to interpret it.

Here, the southern border, with all its attendant miseries, is intentionally kept open and imposed on this country in the name of fairness, with the goal of protecting 10 million newly arrived “citizens” It only creates demands for amnesty on behalf of the.

Here, highly inappropriate sexual instruction aimed at young children is being touted as the new normal, but once parents begin to resist sexism/genderism (and other convenient “isms”) This will only lead to criticism.

Here, the Obama-era calm and indulgence of Tehran's terror-friendly regime is touted as the price for striking a nuclear deal with the mullahs, resulting in a new Middle East crisis financed and initiated by the same mullahs. This will only lead to a hot war.

Here, the long-held but deeply flawed assumption that Xi Jinping would abandon authoritarianism if the West had his way with Hong Kong, domestic energy production, and the crackdown on dissidents Presumption remains a central tenet of Biden's foreign policy, which only encourages China. The dictator brandished his saber ever more provocatively in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait. (Related: Bob Ehrlich: The Left is Destroying the Cultural Third Rail in Pursuit of a Brave New World Agenda)

Here it becomes clear that a malignant iteration of identity politics (with anti-Semitic elements) exists within the hallowed halls of the most elite universities, but with even greater vitriol against Jews and Zionism itself. It only stimulates the attack.

The debacle in Afghanistan, the dire state of America's cities, the dangerous politicization of our justice system, the $34 trillion federal debt that few in Washington seem to care about, and the pressures on free speech in the Biden era. You could add unlimited censorship…but you get the point.

Our government agencies are failing us. I can't pay my bill.The parents who protested are under investigation. According to the FBI. Foreign misfortunes have cost us thousands of lives. And we don't even care to defend our borders.

Bottom line: Much of America's resentment toward the ruling elite (particularly some who love big government) stems from notorious and costly policy failures over the past three-plus years. Indeed, any private company that compiled such an astonishingly bad record would soon have its leadership team fired on the spot.

Sadly, American voters have 272 days to remove the current leader. I can't come right away.

Bob Ehrlich is a former Maryland Governor, Congressman, and State Representative. He is the author of his five books on American politics, as well as opinion pieces published in major American newspapers and periodicals. He and his wife Kendel can be heard on their weekly podcast, “Bottom Line with Bob & Kendel Ehrlich.”

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