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Bodies Keep Turning Up In Austin Lake. Some Suspect A Serial Killer

Authorities began a death investigation Monday after a new body was pulled from Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas.

According to Austin-Travis County Emergency Services, a 911 call came in around 1:30 p.m. local time reporting a body in the lake. Said Fox 7. The call came from the north side of the lake, about 20 feet deep, in an area frequented by local residents and at least one group of residents looking for a friend who has been missing since Saturday.

“Our first thought was, we wish it wasn't our friend, but we just don't want it to be our friend,” said friend of the missing person. one of them, Jadon Wolfe, told the outlet. “He went missing on 6th Street on a Saturday night around 11:30 p.m. We were all at the bar. We thought he went home with someone else. But we didn't end up going home, so that's what brought us here.”

Some believe the recent death was not an accident because the water around the lake park where the body was recovered is relatively shallow. “It would be hard to understand how this could be an accident. We have pretty shallow water here. I don't know because there are signs everywhere, but it would be hard to understand. An accident, if that's the reason. “I find it hard to believe. Something must have happened to all the bodies that have been found so far,” pointed out Abdul Tabaha, another local resident.

At least five bodies were discovered in the lake last year. according to to the New York Post. Most of the victims were men in their 30s or early 40s who had been drinking on nearby Rainey Street. Austin police appear to be downplaying the potential risk of death associated with a serial killer. But in late January, a woman was being sought in connection with incidents in which men were drugged and robbed throughout downtown. (Related: Despite eerily similar deaths of 6 women, Portland police dismiss serial murder theory)

In June 2023, U.S. authorities said they believed multiple serial killers, including alleged killer Rex Heuerman, were running rampant across the country. But officials did not mention the 13 men pulled from the Chicago River and Lake Michigan in the 16 months leading up to the statement. All the men died in eerily similar circumstances, as witnessed by the people of Austin. Is this all a coincidence, is the same killer moving south, or are we dealing with multiple individuals targeting young American men?

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