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Broad Metro: Progress continues on Village Green Development at Stadium Trace Village

Broad Metro LLC, an Alabama commercial real estate development company owned by Hoover resident William Kadish, has officially signed a lease with Village Green Development. create A new top entertainment venue in the Hoover area. The venue will be located within the company's existing Stadium Trace Village development.

Some other aspects of the new venue are already in place.

Sports Facilities Companies (SFC), known for managing the Hoover Met Complex and Finley Center, has been selected as the Village Green's managing partner. The SFC will oversee food and beverage operations and will also oversee applications for liquor licenses.

When it comes to music curation expertise in new venues, Kadish Wes Keith, a music industry veteran and face of Today Entertainment with over 20 years of experience in concert production and promotion, and Wes Keith, a Birmingham musician and local talent agent who majored in music at the University of Alabama. This is Matt Devine of “Downlight”. Divine was a close friend of Kaddish's late son and provided inspiration for some of the details of the new location. Kadish said the project is dedicated to him.

BroadMetro received site plan approval from the City of Hoover in September 2023 and is currently awaiting permits from ADEM to be issued this month. The company also entered into a system development agreement with Birmingham Water Authority to order and prepay for all village green equipment and water bills.

Construction so far has not been an easy task. The first phase alone will involve moving more than 1.25 million cubic yards of rock and earth over a 500-yard stream, plumbing similar to the Army Corps of Engineers, and leveling the entire 45-acre site at a cost of more than $25 million. It needed work.

As always, Birmingham traffic congestion must be taken into account. To alleviate potential traffic concerns and ease traffic along Stadium Trace and Brox Gap Parkways, Broad Metro is adding alternate roads, dedicated golf carts/recreational paths, and 150 additional vehicles to Stadium Trace Village Phase II. Planned parking space.

These measures will benefit the Village Green, UAB Medicine, and the surrounding area, and will serve as excess parking for Stadium Trace Village. Additionally, overflow parking has been reserved through the Hoover Park Board of Directors, and a trolley system is planned to connect to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Finley Center, further reducing traffic congestion and eliminating the need for guests to transfer vehicles between events. Masu.

As a venue, Broad Metro chose to purchase the largest standardized stage available, the SL260.

Austin Shipley is a staff writer at Yellowhammer News.

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