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Bronx Judge In Family Custody Battle Allegedly Caught Messaging Case’s Mother On Swingers App

A Bronx Family Court judge is accused of wooing a mother involved in a pending case on a swinger app, the New York Post reports.

Family Court Judge Cynthia Lopez resigned on Monday following a complaint from a mother embroiled in a custody battle, the newspaper reported. Her mother, Sydney Sutherland, accused Judge Lopez of sending her messages through a swinger app. according to To the outlet.

The accusation was made public by Sutherland through a TikTok video. share The post on X (formerly known as Twitter) quickly gained attention and prompted an investigation by city and state law enforcement authorities, the New York Post reported.

The controversy began when Sutherland reportedly received a message from a user named “Cynthia” on 3Fun, a platform known for connecting individuals interested in non-traditional sexual arrangements. . Although Sutherland uses her real photo on the app, she uses the pseudonym “Chyna” and was surprised by the offer, especially given the timing of her next court date. It is reported that.

The profile in question features a suggestively dressed woman who reportedly identifies as bisexual and is looking for a partner for herself and her male partner, Ant. That's what he said. A detailed description of her profile emphasizes that she likes different body types and personalities, further complicating her suspicions, the newspaper reported. (Related: 'Scandal of epic proportions': Judge orders $200 million payout to two fellow judges in 'kids for cash' scandal)

The mother, who received the message purportedly from the judge, immediately replied. “Bitch, do you know who I am?” Sutherland replied. However, although Mr. Lopez allegedly blocked her, Mr. Sutherland was able to take screenshots of the exchange and profile, which he reportedly plans to use in his prosecution of her. She expressed her upset over the incident and suggested that her protracted custody battle may have been influenced by Judge Lopez's ulterior motives, according to the New York Post.

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