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‘Buckle Up’: Jill Biden’s Fmr Press Sec Says There’s ‘No Chance’ Of Replacing Biden Despite Admitting Debate Defeat

Michael LaRosa, a former press secretary for First Lady Jill Biden, said Friday night that there's “no chance” she will replace President Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee, despite her conceding defeat in this week's first debate.

LaRosa appeared on “Jesse Watters Primetime” on Thursday night to discuss the first presidential debate between Biden and former President Donald Trump. After the debate, Democrats seemed to scramble to criticize Biden's performance, and some questioned whether the president might be replaced as the nominee. (Related: Democrats use every excuse to avoid confronting Biden's terrible debate performance)

But in an interview with Fox host Jesse Watters, LaRosa insisted that Democratic aides have no intention of ousting Biden and called those who think Biden should be ousted a “minority” in the party.

“There's no chance. [the] “I'm not looking to replace the president. Political parties don't work that way. Republicans rallied around Trump after his conviction. It's the same thing here,” LaRosa said.

“The party doesn't let go of its leader. It doesn't happen often and it's not going to happen this time either. So it's a bit of a bracing feeling. No one publicly, no elected official, wants to replace him. If there were, they would be in the minority.”

Just before saying Biden had no plans to step down, LaRosa acknowledged the president “lost” the debate to Trump and outlined what Biden should do.

“Last night was a bad night. You and I talked about what Trump needs to do, and I made it very clear that he doesn't need to focus on memorizing policies and statistics. What he needs to do is show strength, show agility, show he can counterpunch, show he can explain where he was when he took over the White House and where he is now,” LaRosa said.

“He couldn't do any of that. I was a competitive swimmer for 17 years and my only job was to touch the wall first, and if I didn't, I lost. My team lost last night. We lost the debate.”

During Biden's performance, when the president froze mid-sentence and falsely claimed that no US troops had been killed under his command during the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, legacy media rushed to report that sources said Biden had a cold. However, commentators on the left slammed the president for his poor performance, with CNN's Van Jones saying Democrats would be asking Biden to consider taking a “different tack.”

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