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Bud Light’s New Super Bowl Ad Is A Far Cry From Dylan Mulvaney Debacle. Admittedly, It’s Pretty Good

Bud Light finally seems to have figured it out. Let's keep him interesting, stay American, and stay profitable.

Bud Light has been on hiatus for almost a year now, which makes sense after the ridiculous Dylan Mulvaney scandal. But judging by the Super Bowl LVIII commercial, it appears conservatives' message got through to them.

Named “Easy Night Out” 60 second ad It reminds me of the old days of Bud Light, before the Mulvaney drama started. While incorporating comedic elements, it features “a new character in the Bud Light world,” who, according to one person, happens to be a “genie” who happens to drink Bud Light and grant the wishes of fellow Bud Light drinkers. ”. Tuesday's announcement From the brand. (Related: 'Is That the Beginning of Black History?': The New York Times slams Travis Kelsey's ridiculous 'fade' proposal)

On top of that, Bud Light features top brand figures in Peyton Manning and Dana White.

And I have to admit that even though everything has gone wrong this past year, things have been going pretty well.


Conservatives, I think we can finally let this beef go.

We won, and more than that, we dominated. Bud Light clearly got the message, going back to simple laughs and hanging out with pure Americans like Peyton Manning and Dana White. Honestly, that's all we wanted in a beer. America.

Welcome back, Bud Light, to the good side.

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