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Butterfly Workshop | Maricopa County Parks & Recreation

Have you ever wanted to learn more about butterflies? Here’s your chance! The Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department is hosting a butterfly identification workshop and training to help determine population trends, species richness, and diversity within the county. Attend the training program and learn:

Sulphur’s and Skipper Series butterfly identification,

receive a brief introduction to helpful butterfly apps,

and much more!

Then, put your skills to the test at one of our upcoming butterfly monitoring programs.

You do not need to become a monitor to attend the workshop. All registered participants will receive a link for the virtual workshop (a few days before the event). The virtual workshop link will be provided to participants a few days before the event. Anyone can attend the workshop up to 50 persons.

If you would like to monitor on Saturday, you will need to attend this workshop (unless you have attended this workshop in the past); Registering for monitoring events is separate, please register for those events separately. Space is limited to a max of five persons for each park/event. It will be on a first-come basis and based on workshop attendees from this year or last. Space is limited so please sign up today.

To register, please click on the link


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