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Bystanders Step In To Fight Florida Man Who Allegedly Beat Dog With Chain: Video

Police arrested a Florida man Thursday after they allegedly beat his dog with a chain and then fought with bystanders who intervened to protect the dog, FOX 35 reports.

Video recorded by a witness shows bystander Raymond Plush confronting the dog's owner, 31-year-old Jose Rivera. Volusia Sheriff's Office According to (VSO) fox 35.

Plush told FOX35 he witnessed Rivera punching the dog in the face. “I don't understand how someone could do something like that. It's just heartbreaking,” Plush said. (Related: Video of woman throwing dog out of parking lot and leaving it for dead)

FOX35 reports that the video also shows other bystanders trying to protect the dog from Rivera.

According to the outlet, Plush claimed he placed himself between Rivera and the bystanders to ensure no one was hurt.

“he [Rivera] I think he probably punched me in the face to push me down. That's when I put a yoke on him to stop the violence,” Plush said.

According to FOX35, authorities said at least four of the nine bystanders who struggled to subdue Rivera before officers arrived were injured, including Prusch.

Mr Plush told the outlet he revealed he struggled to understand how others could harm their pets.

“We treat them as children. They live with us. They eat with us. They sleep with us. They are amazing. “No one, no animal, deserves to be hit like that in the face, especially with a metal chain,” he said. “I don't understand how you can do that to something so special.”

Rivera has been charged with multiple charges and is being held on $51,000 bail, FOX35 reports.

According to FOX35, law enforcement officials say the dog is currently in someone else's care and suffered cuts and other injuries.

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