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‘Cascading Failures’: Jonathan Turley Breaks Down Surprise Testimony In Wade, Willis Love Affair

FOX News legal analyst Jonathan Turley breaks down surprising witness testimony from Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and Nathan Wade's alleged relationship hearing.

Defense attorney Ashley Merchant said Wednesday at a Georgia Senate hearing that Wade and Willis' cell phone location data and communications show the two were romantically involved before Willis hired Wade. He testified that it shows that. Mr Turley said Mr Merchant's assessment of the couple's interactions was “not consistent” with the testimony of Mr Willis and Mr Wade.

“Well, those explanations are definitely fading,” Turley said. “The truth is, this kind of location evidence is always a little difficult to use in court because it puts you in a general establishment in a place. There's often a reason why you're there. You might even drive by.”

“What Merchant has done well is pinpoint a set of location findings that can't get any stronger situationally,” Turley continued. “So a ping is sent to her house, delayed significantly at that location, and comes all the way back early the next morning. And it communicates with Willis on both ends. That's consistent with the relationship stated in their testimony. I won’t.”

Another witness, Cobb County District Attorney's Office Chief Deputy Cindy Lee Yeager, said that Terrence Bradley, Wade's former law partner, said that during conversations between August 2023 and January 2024, He claimed that he told her that Willis and Wade's relationship “definitively began in 2020.” 2019. Wade was hired by Willis in November 2021 as special counsel for FOX5 in former President Donald Trump's election interference case. report. (Related: Turley 'surprised' by Fanny Willis' actions, hears 'awesome' from FOX News host Bill Hemmer)

“Please keep in mind that Wade and Willis are currently being accused by a number of people of lying on the witness stand and filing false documents in court. They are prosecuting people for that. “We're doing it,” Turley said. “Nineteen of the charges they have in the election interference case involve false statements, false filings, and perjury. And now they are being accused by many of the same acts. They are witnesses. He also accused him of having influence over the

“It may be difficult for the court to ignore the second question, 'Was there pressure on Bradley?'” Turley asked. “Because most of us were really surprised when he got on the stand. It was like a hostage video. He looked like he had a gun to his head and was trying to get out of this situation as quickly as possible. But judges may face cascading failures.

“If he believes that Wade and Willis lied on the witness stand, can he believe other aspects of their testimony? So the possibility that this cascading failure will remain in the judge's mind? ,” Turley said.

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